Sunday, November 30, 2008

zip zero zilch - not

well the zip zero zilch is how much energy I have, I can't seem to shake these ongoing colds, but I managed to teach all weekend anyway (even if I couldn't breathe), and my students made the most lovely painted enamels.
Now bear in mind that these pieces are each the size of a US quarter, under an inch across. Each set of students I have, I keep saying you guys are the best yet, neither of these folks had ever done this before...
cephalopod front and back views; still on the enameling trivet

pussy-willow with heart, and a green branch under the moon

a lovely bit of new Coeur du Val regalia
This was the sample piece that I worked on in class, to demonstrate techniques. Don't know why I so like that barrel shape but it has remained a satisfying shape for several years now. I have a strand of turquoise beads that shape from the first Oregon Country Fair I attended. The kanji on the small, 1 1/2" x 1", enamel say "koromogae" which means "seasonal change of clothing" (if the wonders of the internet are accurate, and my calligraphy isn't too terrible) Haven't ever done micro kanji before, but for some reason that was what was needed, and I happend to have something written out on the inspiration board that fit the design...
Y'know, I've always said that I hated rap.

When I was in college I had to write papers on various metalworked objects, and I loathed the Bauhaus metalworking, couldn't find anything in it that wasn't a waste of good silver. My instructor made me go back and rewrite my paper twice, insisting that I needed to look at and into it more deeply, that convoluted and erudite ways of saying YUCK weren't enough... Eventually I was able to look at it with some understanding, and write clearly about the context. Still didn't make me like it any better, but it became comprehensible...

Friday while riding home from work on the bus, a lively group of folks on the bus started talking to me; seemed like students with time off for the holiday, who had been going around talking to people about "Buy-Nothing Day", offering free hugs, and one young man had a sign that said "Free Gift Rapping" I looked a bit puzzled at that one, so the young man obliged. Somehow I never realised that rapping is can be a kind of extemporaneous poetic commentary, that does that magical thing of drawing attention to the "what is now"... so a big thankyou to the kids with their raggedy signs and bongo drums on the bus, who shifted my preconceptions just a bit.

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