Tuesday, November 4, 2008

voting day

I've already voted (days ago) but am having a hard time pulling myself away from the computer to do the other things that need done today... My wandering around online will not have any effect on the outcome of this historic election. The ballot drop off station at the end of my street, which has been a pair of arch-topped metal mailboxes bolted to the ground, last week was replaced with what looked like a small shipping container. I think that (hope that) there must be so many more voters than usual that they needed a bigger box!
Went to the free clinic last night to get my flu shot. I'm so grateful that this clinic exists, and that I am fortunate enough to live in their service area. Certainly doesn't cover most of my medical needs, but without any insurance, even a bit helps a lot, and that $35 that I don't need to pay out for a flu shot can go in the piggybank towards heat this winter. Maybe someday the USA will be like most of the other first world countries and all our citizens will have medical coverage for their basic needs (stepping off tiny soapbox now...)
Todays tasks:
Post picture from yesterdays creative project
tidy studio for class this weekend, a bigger project than it sounds like
pay bills
bake for potluck
Ibex sketch
find class handout & xerox

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