Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday thoughts

One of these days I'll have to break down and turn the heat on. It is getting downright chilly.

Today I realised that I'd misplaced my rain-hat. Again. For the second time this year. This is not the time of year when no rain hat is a option. So rather than head over to REI to buy yet another Seattle Sombrero, in a fit of peeved frugality I decided that I could dammit make myself a new one. Who knew that in this most outdoor of all towns, the very town that was my go-to town for all things fabric for decades, that it would be so very hard to find a good source for outdoor type fabrics.

Wasted literally hours on the phone this morning calling all my favorite fabric-type places with zip for results, 'till a friendly clerk at the Milwaukee Mill Ends suggested that I try someplace in NW called Rose City Textiles. Took yet a bit more tracking down, but by late lunchtime I'd found my way over into the industrial NW zone, an area I've not really visited at all. (makes me wonder what other wonders lurk there)

Their storefront is chock full of all kinds of technical and fashionable knits, organic, recycled and various sorts, more Malden Mills fleece than I'd seen since I left Massachusetts and a whole room of outdoor-gear fabrics and supplies. I was able to get some lovely gunmetal grey Goretex and all the other supplies that I need to make a new rainhat... Being primarily a wholesaler they sell in increments of whole and half yards. I've not seen such a good selection of lycra jersey and such in any of the other local shops, and while not suitable for historical projects, I foresee another trip there to acquire fabrics for various other projects like t-shirts, leggings and lingerie.
Today didn't see much art happening, despite the best of intentions. I did however finally manage to string the lovely beads I'd traded for (thank you Rafny) into a necklace for my sister-in-law. Better late than never. I had fun playing with the asymmetry of the different shades of blue.

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