Monday, November 24, 2008

thoughts about paint

I've got an idea now about which colors I want for painting which rooms, and while I had the loan of a car last week (thanks Megan) I took the opportunity to pick up some more of the wonderful (100%recycled and super low VOC) MetroPaint; paint cans are heavy to carry while riding public transit. At the Metro paint facility, they have a great color-mix book, which shows the many different colors you can get mixing the 15 standard colors, and the two gallons I came home with should mix up to a nice medium blue-grey for the living room walls.

I've paint for most of the other rooms too: the workroom will be pale grey with white trim, the kitchen will be a warm taupe stone color, and the bathroom will be lavender, (to look good with the eventual copper sink and ironwork.) My bedroom will most probably be dark grey again, which I find restful rather than gloomy. I've still several gallons of the paint I mixed up and used in Olympia, I'm thinking about doing a white decorative painted frieze again, I loved the one in my former bedroom, even if it did take me three days to paint...

upper frieze with painted faux picture rail trim
decorative silhouettes with a painted faux chair rail

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