Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday snippets

Humph! I hates it when I'm carelessly clumsy. While reaching for dishes to wash I dumped the whole tin of sunflower seeds over, most of them ended up on the floor, or amongst the dirty dishes. And why pray tell was the sunnie tin there, because I'd forgotten to put it back in the pantry after breakfast! Ah well, the hens will have a nice morning treat tomorrow. And they could use one, they're moulting Guess who decided that the swept up sunnies made a nice snack while I was typing...


Day #2
A bit of work today on my 2009 calendar images. The theme for the year will be alphabetical: animal and botanical. I'd been wondering about formatting the calendar long vertically, but 'twill be a bit more economical to print as stubby rectangles like I've done before. And I just worked out how to include a digital "watermark" on my images, for when posting them online. And I think it will be a better plan to awaken earlier in the day, and spend early time doing artwork before doing the out-of-home tasks.

I love fractals, especially tasty fractal food. This lovely thing came home with me from the farmers market yesterday, and will be part of dinner tonight. Mmm steamed alien food!
I've still quite a bit to do to get ready for the engraving class this coming weekend, and still need to attach the chalkboards to the wall. Instead of wrestling with that task, I spent the afternoon on the Max out to Ikea and back, where I acquired 4 small worklights for the student workbench. Step by step, I make slow progress.

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