Thursday, November 13, 2008


Found this leaf whilst riding to the grocery shopping this afternoon, something about the glowy edges against the almost black caught my eye, like a synesthesial image of the smell of autumn against the weight of winter to come
Okay, finally finished the class schedule, after spending some time consulting with my Guest Instructor about what he is interested in teaching that can be transported here to Acorn Cottage. I'm trying for a good balance between basic enameling skills and varied special interest classes...

Revised Workshop list for next quarter:
Jan 23-25 ~ Cloisonne Enameling
Feb 06-08 ~ Painted Enameling
Feb 20-22 ~ Fold Forming for Jewelry
Mar 06-08 ~ Stamped Champleve
Mar 20-22 ~ Cloisonne
Apr 03-05 ~ Fun Without Flame:
Decorative Stamping
and Cold Connections

I am particularly excited about the Fold Forming workshop as that is a technique that I am interested in myself, a fascinating way to shape complex 3D forms relatively quickly, using simple tools.

I'm also glad to be offering the Fun Without Flame class. Lots of folks don't have a torch, can't have one in their apartment, or are not yet comfortable using one, and there are many jewelry techniques that can combine to make beautiful and potentually useful objects without ever needing solder...

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