Friday, November 21, 2008

If you wish upon a winter star

1. a quart jar of old mother of pearl buttons
I need more accessories to go with my button crown and earrings!
2. two height adjustable office chairs on casters (no arms)
The workroom needs chairs for students, old armless office chairs on wheels work great, I've got two, and need two more
3. two cubic yards of leafmold compost
garden helper, next year will hopefully see the raised beds made higher
4. bathroom electric wiring fixed,
waiting patiently
5. sheetrock replaced where the ceiling was torn out by Demoliton Boy
I never figured out why this was necessary, but it sure makes it cold inside
6. Brother 1034D serger
to speed up my sewing
7. eight or ten foot stepladder
I'm short, what can I roof gutters are so far away
8. carpal tunnel release surgery for my left wrist, done by an experienced and competent surgeon, and two months time to recover
Well a girl can dream of medical insurance coverage, right...

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