Wednesday, November 12, 2008

housewifely ramblings...

Good dinner tonight, and I used about half the bunch of lacinato kale, steamed along with a sweet potato cut into chunks, which combination I'm inclined to repeat
Everything takes more time than I think it will. I've been working out the class schedule for the first quarter of 2009. Once the word processing is completed I can make copies, which needs to happen before Friday evening. This might be faster if I had a proper desktop publishing program, but then again, it might not, it might just be me...
Cloisonne Enameling
- January 23 - 25, February 20 - 22, March 20 - 22
Painted Enameling
- February 6 - 8 (a fun option for Valentine gifties)
Stamped Champleve
- March 6 - 8
Decorative Stamping and Cold Connections
- April 3 - 5 (taught by Bill as guest instructor)
Smokey seems to be feeling better, yesterdays "wommiting" was a rare aberration, fortunately, and I've added rice to her food today. She thinks that if I only added some raw fish it would make great dog sushi!, I saw her eyeing my little piece of salmon with hungry eyes.
Sometime in the next two weeks I need to get some garden time in to prep a bed and plant garlic, or next year will be very very sad... I've got a lead on a source for rabbit poop mixed with hay bedding, a person who does bunny rescue who is even willing to deliver some at regular intervals, since they don't live very far away. This could be a good thing for the future garden bed refurbishment.
In just a few weeks it will be Acorn Cottage's "housiversary" Hmmm... I'll need to think of what might be an appropriate housey-gift in honor of our third year together.

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