Thursday, November 6, 2008

entryway improvements

I'm really grateful for the various suggestions about the Acorn Cottage entryway and how I might be able to have a place for some of my hats that wasn't a cluttered mess.

This is what the entry area looks like now, if you stand in the hallway looking towards the front door, and the before picture is what it looked like on the day I had the house inspected (prior to the actual purchase).
currently - - - - - - - - - - - - - - and before

The door itself is a painted steel door, so using it for anything other than a magnet board would be fairly difficult. I have done my best to create a transition zone for the "entryway", and it works fairly well.

The Ikea cabinet next to the doorway divides the space gently from the rest of the room, while adding needed closed storage. Eventually I will run some wiring to add lights to the set of three different ricepaper lanterns that are also part of the entryway dividing zone. The key bowl and the mail holder currently live on the cabinet here as well, but that is probably not their eventual home.

To the left of the door, (a space less than 24" wide), are my peg racks for hanging coats, hats, purse, etc... which are attached to the wall as high as I can easily reach. The dog leash and collar hang from a hook attached to the doorframe edge between here and the kitchen; there is no door to the kitchen but only an open doorway, (more clearly visible in the "before" picture). The basket on the floor below the peg rack holds Smokeys collection of stuffed toys, her dog comb, and some random junk. I'm thinking of moving the dog-basket, it is really interesting how a photo will give you new eyes to see your familar landscape.
I picked up several different boxes of nails today at Mr Plywood, so I'm off to attach the remaining edge molding for the chalkboard project. I adore going to Mr Plywood, even if the clerks there are sometimes amused at my requests, they are kind, knowledgable, helpful, (and often handsome).

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