Monday, November 24, 2008

creative upcycled retro-style functionality

Look here! My DIY clock project photo was an example on the current AT regional Cure post for "Week Seven"!
I've been painting and assembling salvaged bits to make a new studio clock; it makes enameling easier if you can watch an analog second hand to judge how long your piece has been in the kiln. Found where the clock mechanism was hiding this morning (I'd put it away in a safe place), and just finished the assembly and final paint touch ups. It looks most satisfyingly "artifacty" in a 1950's kind of way. I'm happy.
not the best photo, it's nighttime

The new mechanism is MUCH quieter than my other clock, tho' they are both the same product, a "non-ticking" movement. (I find ticking clock sound maddening and insomnia-inducing, it is a good thing I'm not a puppy) And while my intention was to have this be a studio clock, it is looking really happy on the wall in the kitchen...

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