Sunday, November 16, 2008

a busy weekend

The second teaching weekend in a row, this one was Introduction to Cloisonne, with three students. Everything went relatively smoothly. My students loved the Friday evening introductory. (Smokey was delighted and sure they had all come to visit her, fortunately they were all dog people) Saturday much work was accomplished...
And by the end of the weekend they each successfully each completed a lovely medallion. I truly enjoy sharing my skills by teaching others, and one of my particular delights is to see the varied imagery that my students devise. These pendants were so different from one another, yet each takes good advantage of the characteristics of this style of enameling.
My camera and skills are not sufficient to my desire, and since the class ended after nightfall, I needed to photograph the pendants with the workroom lights, which isn't ideal.
Haven't done much with the house this week, being focused on teaching. I did manage to do a small rearrangement of the entry-area, adding a key bowl and mail catcher bracket to the top of the cupboard that defines the entry area. The idea is to have an immediate place to deal with the "incoming" stuff, so that it gets dealt with, and doesn't get scattered about the house. This way it does, and the recycling station is just a step away inside the kitchen archway. The small vase of flowers makes me smile whenever I return home, cut flowers always feel so extravagant to me, even just a single stem of alstromeria. The key bowl was a gift from my dear friend Jen.

I am hoping that tomorrow will not be rainy, I have the front yard of shame on my entire block, being so busy with arty-teachery pursuits that my lawn is now entirely covered with fallen leaves. Everyone else was outside this beautiful crispy autumn weekend raking up the bountiful offerings, except me. I was busy. Indoors. Tomorrow between work, I need to get the front yard raked, and need to get one garden bed cleared so I can plant garlics, or next year will be very sad and not at all aromatic!

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