Tuesday, October 28, 2008

weekend progress

This second cold has really slowed me down. I took a carton of junk to Goodwill, and have been going through the myriad boxes of misc papers. Only two left to sort! I found a woodgrain glass ceiling light, that I 'd stashed in one of my kitchen cupboards, which is now a bowl on top of the fridge holding pears, apples and artichokes. Cleaning out the inside and top of the fridge was a Good Thing.

I have had several new ideas about how to set up areas of the house up in a more functional way. Thinking about a shelf-desk hung on the wall with brackets in the sewing/guest room. I had been thinking about using some Ikea butcherblock countertop, but realised that solid-core plywood would work quite well, and be much more affordable... I'm toying with the idea of covering the plywood with old sewing pattern instruction sheets, not sure if it is too "cutesy-scrapbooky" for my style.

I am really really bad at the de-cluttering thing, each time I do that I lose things I was trying to keep track of, very frustrating. What works for me is to set up places where things belong, so I can find them again.

I figured out that I might be able to hang my spider plant in the living room, if I can find a hanging plant pot that doesn't look awful, and move the other plants onto the dining table. I'm keeping my eyes open for some plant pots that will make them look less haphazard

Must go clear one little area today!

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