Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday thoughts

I plan to spend a good chunk of the next several days working on the studio projects; it would be great to get the bad pelicans done and out of here. As I sort and find homes for the things in boxes, I keep finding more of the lost bits. Just found the mistletoe earrings, whoo hoo! so will have them for sale later this year both on theArtisanry and at ManyHandsMarketplace (our holiday artisan sale).

I am very fond of The Android Sisters, part of the ZBS Foundation cast of characters. Just found this animation, which given the current state of sociopolitical wierdness, seems to fit all too well...

Well, all the sneezing in the last two days meant something, the dread Rhinovirus has come to visit - bleah! This morning... despite my adding extra EmergenC to my waterbottle, woke up with that trompled upon feeling. I hates having a cold.

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