Monday, October 6, 2008

some snippets

Today I am still feeling pretty banged up, but encouraged myself to go out and walk (in daylight) to maintain flexibility. My hands are sore. (I know grump grumpgrump) Tomorrow will be better, and I got another bottle of arnica. My cold seems to be improving.
One of the tiny niggling things I never noticed before moving to Acorn Cottage is that the cracks in the sidewalk grow weeds. Most of the sidewalks around here are weed free, but my sidewalks have become as shaggy in spots as a hippie girls legs. While I have no objection to people fur, the sidewalks could actually become hazardous. Not wanting to use something toxic, I was inspired to try an old serrated steak knife as a kind of micro weeder. Worked like a champ, two angled swipes and the weeds are history. I will be working my way along the sidewalk and driveway, between the rainstorms, and should have the public areas tidy before winter sets in.
Two more kittens, having a romp on the front room windowsill hare at Acorn Cottage. Coal is a bit more sedate, but her green-eyed sister Briquette is a real hoyden, she likes to clamber around the window ledges and explore...
As usual you can find them in theArtisanry
Today was a bit of a slow day, but I'm feeling a lot better. I did get lots of photos taken (see above), recycling away, via bicycle during a break in the rain, and a nice long walk to the post office, where I found that my Rio order is still not here. It was shipped on the 25th of last month, I sure hope it isn't lost like the last order. I don't like how the UPS/DHL deliveries are just left in front of the door here, to be rained on and possibly walk away, which is why I got the PO Box in the first place...

There is something dangerous between Acorn Cottage and the Post Office. The Flavor Spot is a waffle cart, in the parking lot of a video store on Lombard. Today I forgot to eat lunch, and they had a special waffle with organic strawberries listed on their chalkboard. Alas, I had a sudden failure of willpower, and continued on my walk, once the waffle was baked, with a delightful confection of hot waffle slathered with whipped cream and covered with slices of strawberries. Folded and wrapped they are an easy to-go snack. Fortunately for my girlish figure, I rarely sucumb to the lure of the waffle, or I would be completely spherical.

I've been trying to increase my walking and bike riding, and I am feeling a bit more energetic. When I was grocery shopping my good friend Rois showed up at the end of the aisle with her two sons; though they live in Beaverton, they were out and about on a homeschool photography field trip. Portland is indeed the biggest small town I've ever lived in...
This evening I'm going to clear away enough space to do a bit of sewing, my longtime project repairing my sisters beaded jacket is calling to me. Her birthday is later this month, I'd like to get it done and mailed off in time. So step away from the needlefelting for the moment, and back to clearing the decks for more projects...

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