Wednesday, October 22, 2008

simple pleasures

Today I finished another little witchy-girl, and she's been photographed and is in the store...
This is Belladonna, she is very proud of her ruffled sleeve cuffs and her green stripey socks
What a lovely perfect autumn day it is today. When I was walking back from the bus this afternoon, past the big bay tree, I noticed that the ground was littered with bay nuts! Earlier this year it didn't look like there was going to be much of a crop, but I guess they were just late developing. I picked up over 3 pounds still in the husks. Bay nuts are related to avocado, I think, and have a moist greenish fruit/husk/skin, which must be removed. then the nuts get dried at a low temperature, and then roasted at a higher temperature before they are eaten. I will be checking the other trees in the neighborhood as well, now.
Must fly and cook some lunch, then take advantage of the non-rain to bike the recycling away and get some groceries...

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