Saturday, October 11, 2008


~ the good: ~
I had another student contact me, and register for a class, someone who saw me at Art In The Pearl. I'm really happy about this, I've done several demos and handed out scores of business cards, and it is very exciting to have someone (non-SCA) say that they want the kind of class that I am offering, and actually sign up. This is not in any way meant as critical of my SCA friends and students, it is just that if I am to survive as an independent artist and teacher, I need students from more than one subculture.

I finished the repair work on my sister's jacket, and sent it off to her, in time for her birthday. Lots of sewing on tiny beads to repair the decorative applique, and patching and re-beading the places where the dry cleaners used some kind of glue to hold the rhinestones in place. The glue caused the fabric to literally crack apart, so I had to stitch new fabric in place to hold the replacements, then do additional beading to make it all look like it belonged together. fortunately the sleeves were about 2" too long, so I could cut away fabric from there to use for patching. Of course, that meant I needed to reattach the cuffs, but that will make the jacket actually fit better. It was a semi-challenging project, and I'm glad to have it finished.

~ the scary: ~
I haven't heard much about this aspect of climate shift, and frankly I find the idea of the whole planet running a fever more worrisome than the potential of economic collapse (this is something that is actually happening right now...)

time for bed, if I'm to get anything at all done tomorrow. I've been writing, and messing around with Photoshop, and listening to gamelan music on YouTube.

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