Friday, October 17, 2008

inspiration style images

I made several style-collages, using images both paper and digital, messing around with Photoshop layers. My idea is to have a reference of the overall effect I'm hoping for, eventually, for Acorn Cottage. I actually took the files to my local copy store and had them printed out on card stock, so I can put them into my housey rejuvenation notebook.
Modern Eclectic Whimsical Handicrafted
I've collected these images over several years. The overall theme became even more clear as I added more and more images. Colors: cool blue-grey-taupe-stone range. Materials: natural linen, indigo denim, mostly light wood. Small amount of warm red as an accent. Pacific Rim meets Danish Modern, with a dash of McMenamins and Karl Larsson thrown in. Yup... that's what I'm aiming for.

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