Sunday, October 5, 2008

alphabetic whinge

C is for the cold that kept me sleeping and resting and healing for most of the weekend, in between running necessary errands. I slept too long on Saturday afternoon. I almost never take naps, as I hate how groggy I get. It was twilight when I woke up, and decided for some reason that a trip to New Seasons would clear my head, and get me some much needed groceries. Rather than ride the bike, I decided to walk.

C is also for careless. On the way home, I was starting to feel a bit better, have some energy, and think about which project might be next. My foot met the cracked and tilted sidewalk with unpleasant results. Kerfulmpety-whap I was down on the wet dirty sidewalk. I purely hate falling down, not only is it painful, but I always feel like such a clumsy child. I skinned my knee, and banged my hands, and landed on my grocery bag, which burst the quart of milk I had just bought. After determining that all my parts still worked, I headed back towards Acorn Cottage, a bit the worse for wear. Once in a more well lighted spot, I realised that my hand was bleeding and not just muddy. Urgh. Managed to wash off most of the mud with my waterbottle, and stopped at the drug store for another quart of milk, and a box of bandaids.

C is for cleanup. Once finally home, clambered into the shower to properly scrub both myself and my poor banged up paw and kneebone. That done, I rinsed the milk from my shopping bag, and went to bed.

B is for banged-up and bruised, which is how I feel today.

A is for arnica, the homeopathic remedy for just that feeling. I am so glad that I have a bottle of arnica in my first aid box. I shall add that to the list of needs to be replenished soon.

A is also for attention. Usually when I am not paying attention to my surroundings is when I get hurt. Seems to be valid on whatever scale I think about that one. I usually take things like this as just that kind of message:
the universe says "PAY ATTENTION!"
I'm heading out this afternoon to go back over to SCRAP, yesterday they had some skinny button storage tubes, which fit perfectly in the "pipe-storage-thingie" from Goodwill that is now living on my workbench. I think that they will be perfect for storing sawblades, and also the sharp pointy tools that would be otherwise difficult to corral.
Little Soot found a new home really quickly. I'm sure she will be very happy with Megan and all her new friends there. I think that there will be some more kittens soon...

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