Saturday, September 20, 2008

stupid dog!!

Just got back inside from feeding the hens, and Smokey had managed to eat a good sized chunk of the cake I baked last night for the tea party! Me mad...she hasn't eaten stuff off the countertops since she has a puppy. Me worried...cake was a chocolate cake. Quick, call friend who was formerly vet-tech...she isn't home. Oh yeah, the dog chocolate toxicity...
sweet cocoa---------0.3 oz per lb of body weight
baking chocolate----0.1 oz per lb of body weight
Quickly do the math, 1/2 c cocoa in cake, she ate about a sixth of the cake, therefore about 1 1/2 Tablespoons, therefore about a little more than 0.5 oz. Smokey weighs 95 pounds. Whew! she is probably not in danger of chocolate poisoning.

Me frazzled...I have no cake for my guests. Must go clean up the kitchen and start more baking. And there I was so organised, getting the baking done last night...Sigh

Tea party later today

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