Monday, September 29, 2008

monday musings

Years ago, back in the mid '70s, when I was living on the other coast, my friends and I drove down from Greater Boston to New York City to see Patti Smith in concert in Central Park. We spent most of the day at The Cloisters before heading down to the concert that evening. Whilst wandering around in the blogosphere, I found that The Cloisters now has a gardening blog: The Medieval Garden Enclosed Thought that all my historically interested friends might be interested, looks to have an interesting set of articles so far, with useful references for further research...
I'm actually doing it, spent a big chunk of my weekend starting to "build" an Etsy storefront: The Artisanry of Acorn Cottage. While the web layout and suchlike is all pre-set, and some friends reassured me of how easy it all is, I find that writing descriptions of my own work, and 'specially writing about myself, is difficult. This week calls for much time doing photography, so that I can have images to show the goods I have for sale, so far all that is up is my little emery acorns, but I plan to have various sewing tools, small earrings and tiny pendants, and the toys and tiny treasures that I so love to make ...
Sorted through two of the myriad boxes of randomised papers'n'junk that clutter my back room. Found two of the Important Lost things on my list of missing objects, hooray! Now I have a small pile of papers to be filed, a large sack of paper for recycling, and a modest stack of papers to be shredded. (must find friend with shredder)

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