Thursday, September 18, 2008

hhunting and gathering, a day of planned errands

Today Stacey and I did go to Ikea, and all I bought was the flooring for the two bedrooms here at Acorn Cottage (All $325+ of it, and I still need to buy plastic moisture barrier, and padding, and probably an "installation kit".) It wasn't really hard to not buy anything else. Then we needed to drop off the flooring at my house, and her tall cabinet and stuff at her house.

Somehow we ended up at the Bins, which always takes more time than you would expect...We only barely had time for a stop at Mr Plywood before she had to drop me at home and go pick up Wes. I bought the sheet of chalkboard I've been wanting for my workroom. I had them cut it into suitable pieces, and have four extra pieces that I'm not sure what I will do with, yet. I still need to get the wooden molding pieces to attach them to the wall. Hopefully I will be able to find suitable wooden fragments at The Rebuilding Center for completing the chalkboard project.

So it was a day of gathering up components, but not enough yet to move forward on either project! Exhausting, somehow, partially 'cos that flooring is heavy. I'm grateful that Stacey helped me with transport and also helped move the boxes into the house...

I wanted to do a little bit more online research before purchasing the rest of the flooring supplies, and also see if I can find some other options for disposing of the unwanted carpeting. Had I somewhere to store it, it could go to SCA fighters to use for making pells, but I doubt anyone will want a 10 x 9 ft square piece all at once? My Dad suggested possibly FreeCycle, or Craigslist... And I definitely need to get or borrow knee pads before tackling the flooring. I want to get this happening/completed before winter sets in.

I am doing my best not to get too freaked by what is going on with WaMu, my local, just round the corner, bank, where I keep my tiny bank account.

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