Thursday, September 11, 2008

electron faradiddle

I've been thinking about opening up an Etsy storefront; there are many things that I make, and enjoy making, that don't really fit in the "Fineartisanry" format ( though I've put them on my website for lack of a better home) Like most folks in these modern times, the lousy economy is biting me in places I'd rather unbitten. I'm hoping that is will be a way to reach new folks that are interested in my handicrafting; it looks like the interface will be easy to use, and the startup and ongoing costs seem minimal and appropriate. Do any of you shop at Etsy when you are looking for trinkets and treasures?

So last night I opened my trusty old Photoshop, spent a couple hours experimenting, and made myself a banner for the future electronic storefront. I am no kind of certified electron-pusher, but I do enjoy wandering around in the program and seeing what it can do...I think I came up with an image that gives a hint of my thingmaking "style"

for a closer look, just click the image

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