Monday, August 25, 2008

working till it's done...

Progress continues to happen on the coronet -

One of the steps that I was dreading, the grinding of the claw settings to size, is complete, without mishap. The white agate stone beads are attached, clasped by the claws, and secured in place by a silver wire. Damn, that Gordon is a godlike metalworker/sculptor. (Gordon being the artist that makes the dragonclaws, and kindly sold me enough for this project) Just as I was wondering how I was going to anchor the beads, I noticed that there was a bony knob on the back of the dragon "wrist" in exactly the right spot to curl the anchoring wire around. That man thinks of everything. If you are interested, go look at his website: GRB Bells and see his tiny awesome sculptural bells ...

Taking a bit of a blog break, and going to do a tiny stir-fry for dinner, then on to the hole drilling. Lots and lots of tiny holes, for lots and lots of tiny rivets, and a little bit of sawing, to make the joining plates.

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