Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday snippets

The heraldic enamels are done, and I continue working on the corresponding caps... I do wish that the initial measurement had been correct, since I've now spent more hours correcting the too-small cap than I spent sewing them both, I've had to add radial bands of couching to cover the seamlines where the cap was "let out", and without all the compensatory embroidery now the other cap looks rather too plain. Bah! Just on these caps I've over 15 hours into this and not done yet. The next step for this project is to create narrow padded ermine bands, the exact necessary head measurement, that will be attached to the lower edge. Then I can call this project done! (Hmmm, I'm thinking a porch roof for Acorn Cottage, as a labor exchange mayhaps)
The plan is to have both this project and the pearled pelican medallion both done by next Saturday, and the dragonclaw coronet need done by the 20th. Or I will need to stay home from the Household encampment. Wish me luck. Next is more wirebending, to prepare for enameling tomorrow...
As the summer is galloping along, I've been thinking about the enameling workshops for the rest of the year. Tentative dates are September 5-7, October 10-12, November 14-16 and November 28-30, and a "last minute gift" workshop on December 12-14.
Remember, the Artisanry has room for only four students at a time, so there is plenty of individual attention and encouragement. I'd like to do at least one workshop on painting enamels. Also, Bill is willing to come down and teach Engraving for Enamelists, Making your own Enameling Tools, Toolmaking for Metalsmiths and Artists, Tablet Weaving in Wire, and Pewter Casting in Soapstone.
I'd like to do more as far as publicising my teaching, and would be delighted to have some suggestions. I'm going to make up a small flyer that can be posted on bulletin boards, and a one page handout, in case I get to demo at Art In The Pearl again this year, (though I haven't heard back from them) I'll be putting a notice up on Craigslist...
I spoke with Rois this morning about the holiday gift sale, and we decided on the first weekend in December, with a special preview on Thursday night. This year we will be having a door prize drawing, with a splendid gift bag full of special goodies from all our vendors. So remember, special, local, handcrafty goodness on December 5th, 6th and 7th (yeah, I know that is waay in the future, but my calendar fills up quickly, and I'm sure yours does too...)

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