Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stop now, rest and eat food

I stop, I eat an apple, and feed the peelings and core to Smokey.

The first rivets are in, on the top of the backplate. Many more to do.

I realise that my biggest challenge is that I lack equipment, not ability. While not having the right tools adds layers of difficulty, somehow I translate my not having tools into my not being able.

For example, I really need to use something other than the flex-shaft to polish this thing. I'm so used to working tiny all my gear is suited to that . No buffing wheel here at Acorn Cottage. I've been running myself down as incompetent when what I need is access to tools.

Now I think I need access to a horizontal surface for sleeping, once the Smokester has a bit of access to the great outdoors.

Goodnight, I'll be back later in the day

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