Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Random Tuesday bits

In which our overtired and overheated heroine whinges about being a design snob...
better - cheaper - faster, you can have any two out of the three, but you can't have it all... Y'all know that I'd love to de-carpet the house, right.... and y'all know that I have this ginormous Akita dog, who leaves drifts of dogfur all around the house twice a year (see the grocery sacks in the back room...) So why haven't I yet made any progress on the removal of the carpeting? Well, I just realised that I feel weird about putting "fake" flooring down. Yes I admit it, I am a design snob. But realistically, I need to just get over it! Because the bestest option for the flooring would certainly not be cheaper, or faster...I'd be a tottering crone before I could afford real wood, and all that would need to be done to make the Acorn Cottage slab ready to accept real wood. And I've been racking my brain to come up with another suitable option. I've been cruising the internet for several years looking for alternative flooring (Um ...mud, as in dirt plus additives...adding a fresh layer of concrete...stripping off the black mastic that is under the I can afford Ikea flooring for my bedroom. I just wish that it didn't look so fake-wood-ish, or that the designers did something interesting-but-neutral with it.
The caps are coming along pretty well. I'm stitching on flannel padding around the bottom edge, before adding the ermine. I've sewed with fur before, but I'm not sure about how to handle the ermine tails, since they'll look silly hanging down from the hats. Did quite a bit of online searching, and couldn't find anything about working with ermine, so I'll just have to go for it. Anybody with helpful tips out there?
Well, now that the temperature is over 90, I guess it is back to the pelican enamel project...

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