Friday, August 15, 2008


Yesterday was 102 F. No wonder it seemed hot, and I felt heatsick. foolishly put off enameling since standing at 1500 F oven all afternoon sounded stupid when not barfing was all I could do. Well today will be just as bad, and the kiln is heating as I type...can't put it off any longer. Lots of water, spiked with Emergen-C electrolyte drink, and a damp bandanna on my head will help, I hope.

Wednesday I stopped off at the Interstate Farmers Market , as it was visible from the Max and I thought well, haven't checked this out this year . Not much improved form last year. Still NO organic produce. At all. I just don't get it, why in Washington are the local farmers markets full of organic fruit and vegetable vendors, and they are as scarce as hens teeth here in Portland? The only bright thing at the market was the grass-fed alternative meats. A ranch out of Bend Oregon: Pine Mountain Ranch They sell at the Interstate market on Wednesdays and at the Milwaukee one on Sundays, and I think at one other. Last time I saw them they had venison, elk and buffalo. This time elk, buffalo, and yak jerkey!

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