Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Here comes the sun...

Yup, shining right in my bedroom window, shining right on the head of the bed, shining right on me. Oh - yeah - need to get the coronet to the Post Office before noon, need to get up. Oh - yeah - coronet is mostly done, need to turn the kiln on, and set the enamel, and take some pictures, and drag my tired self on the bicycle to the Post Office and then, back to sleep. Naps are good. Oh Yeah.

I'll keep you posted.
~ O ~

12:51 PM...
Coronet is done: enamel safely re-fired and set and pictures taken. When I'm on the way out the door to the Post Office I realise that I have no copy of the address to send it to. (insert image of me panicking here) Fortunately his address is posted on their baronial website, which I think to check after about a two hour search of Acorn Cottage. Truly, I don't think clearly when this tired.

This is the big bad boy I've been working on:

and a little close-up of the heraldic details:
central enamel by Fjorlief in Haga, engraving by William Bjornson

Now, off to mail this, posthaste...

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