Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The good the bad and the ugly

Good first... Yesterday I followed up on the inspiration to use film canisters for enamel storage. Up the road in St Johns is a cool camera store, Blue Moon, and they were happy to give me a bagful of empties. (If I'd thought of this earlier, I could have saved myself the purchase cost of a case of little jars; though the jars look quite lovely in their new shelving, and the film cans aren't transparent.) Today I was able to find a shallow wooden drawer at the ReBuilding Center, and some various molding, to turn said drawer into the third enamel shelf.

The bad... After purchasing said wood bits, two busdrivers refused to let me on the bus because I was carrying a "stick". I ended up going back in and using one of their handsaws to cut said stick in half, thereby rendering it much closer to eye level, but less visible. Got on the next bus without incident, but got home later than I'd intended.
...then...the arachnid incident...
This afternoon, when I went to take a shower, I pulled the showercurtain across to enclose the tub and the largest spider I've seen in my home was right there at face level. Now my glasses were already off, (as well as, well...) and I wasn't sure what to do. This spider was almost two inches in (legs + body) diameter, and quickly ran across part of the showercurtain. Usually I try to catch and release spiders, but this one, uh, I couldn't find an appropriate container, and it ran so fast I wasn't sure I could catch it anyhow. So I took a yardstick, knocked it into the tub, and washed it down the drain.

The ugly... What happens when I work on an enamel without having calm focus. I'm going to need to start over on the pelican. Bah. Fortunately I can do that, I've only lost about a days work. No scampering around this weekend for this gal, I'm going got be chained to the workbench...

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