Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday snippets

look for the tiny me ~ I was downtown last weekend, and saw this independent design sale being set up; apparently it was all being documented, since I later found this image online while skimming through blogland....

In amongst all the working, I've also made a new little collage, inspired by shadows I see when walking Smokey at night. This is the image I will be using for the on-line print swap that I've signed up for. (send away ten copies of one thing and get back ten different artist works. Should be interesting...

Speaking of Smokey, her own darling self has is blowing her summer coat already! In less than twenty minutes I combed out enough fur to make a pug, and that was nowhere even anywhere near the fur-to-come, just the first little bits from her haunches... understand why I want to get the carpet out of Acorn Cottage...even if I had a super-duper HEPA-filter carpet vacuum, which I don't, I can't keep up with her donations to the "insulation" of my floor. I'm really tempted to use my miniscule "economic stimulation" checque to put Ikea laminate flooring into my bedroom. (I'd love something more environmentally sustainable, but I haven't been stimulated anywhere near that much, in fact I'd call it more of an economic "tease"... Cork flooring would be over $1000 just for my bedroom, uninstalled, Marmoleum would be around $600 uninstalled) Anybody out there installed any of the Ikea flooring and want to comment/advise?
I'd been invited to the block party on the next street over; I brought some coleslaw to the potluck. I only know a few folk from that street, but met a few more... It was quite the party, with a beer garden area, a grilling station, and several tables of potluck to choose from. They'd strung big tarps across the street for shade, and moved many tables and chairs outside...

There was sidewalk chalk, a visit from the fire truck, and a pinata for the children, and live music for the adults, actually two different bands played, apparently there are quite a few musicians in the neighborhood

Sold enough books to Powells to get this poster for the studio,
I like the sentiment as well as the retro-propaganda-style graphic.
Though my backyard garden is still pretty feeble this year, I was watering the three little lemon cucumbers this morning, and what to my wondering eyes did appear , but the first cucumber of the year. Whoot! and the garlic is ready to harvest, which I will get to in the next day or so, since there is a possibility of RAIN in the middle of next week.
I had been worried about my front door lockset, key wasn't wanting to go in the lock easily, lockset was grabbing at the key, and it wasn't turning without great effort. After researching replacements, I decided to first try the keep-it-simple remedy: lubrication! Couldn't find any graphite powder in my toolchest, so decided that sewing machine oil was the next best thing, and now, I'm happy to relate, the locks of Acorn Cottage are back to what they should be.

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