Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I love the internet

Summer is here really and true, yesterday I saw a tiger swallowtail fluttering over the lavender hedge in Carla's parking strip...Smokey doesn't like fireworks, and my neighbors do. She is now curled up under the computer desk by my feet, a most un-characteristic spot for her to hang out...too bad the Fourth of July isn't in the winter, when 95 pounds of warm Akita would feel nice on my feet...
Last night, in conversation while riding home from Tuesday Family Potluck, Aelfflaed reminded me that there is music on the internet... I mean, I knew that, in theory, but hadn't considered what that Meant... now as well as the reference library that is never closed, I can have a soundtrack that I actually!

A search for "Pentangle", a click on one listing, and I am transported back in time. It is April 19th 1970, Sunday night, I am fifteen, and my friend Zen and I are at the first live concert I've been to without parents. I remember that her mom drove us downtown to the Boston Tea Party, and I remember my heart lift with delight at the amazing music, and I remember that we noticed older kids smoking grass at the back of the club...

Somehow I thought that YouTube was a place for silly videos, not time-travel. I've now found Pandora, thanks again to Beth (cool, I now have my own online radio channel), and will also hunt about when times allow for possible "downloadable" music. I've already found some Richard Thompson, including my favorite "Vincent Black Lightning 1952". I'd like some kind of music player for the studio/workroom, although Acorn Cottage is so small that the computer in the living room works pretty well for tunes...
Now that she has seen it, here is my sample piece from the workshop last weekend, my interpretation of Ælfflæd's Saxon Rabbit... It made a good demo piece, (I like the Anglo-Saxon aesthetic, and cloisonne was one of their jewelry techniques) complicated enough to be interesting and show various wirebending options. I think we've decided that it will become a small brooch.

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