Monday, July 14, 2008

Hot summer day, carrying me along...

and what do I end up doing, when the temperature is over 90...why taking the afternoon off to go to the CraftPDX block party. Actually I think I was a little bit mad to go out, but the promise of paint-yr-own raku pottery had me in its spell. (Actually I did this last year and it was too much fun; I brought home two little cups with acorns) Well, this year I painted four little cups. My friend Rafny found me busy painting, I'm not sure that I was very sociable, I get pretty focused... Copper oxide and cobalt blue; some of my painted designs were a little smeared, like old "flow blue" china. The painted bands around the outside are about two inches deep, the cups themselves are not quite three inches tall.

"F" is for fox, and foliage, and feeding birds...
the glaze on this one came out a bit blurry

Inside the cups, more small painted designs...

I'm trying to make the best of the needing to stay pretty close to home this summer, by taking myself off on little mini-adventures around Portland. Last Sunday I rambled overland to the Lents International Farmers Market, and found a market that, while tiny, seemed to be a bit more what I expect in a farmers market. I brought home some baby zucchini, and a box of raspberries. (Well, some of the berries didn't make it all the way home... ) Overall, I am still looking for a good farmers market here...the one in my neighborhood has NO organic produce at all, and the big downtown market, while showcasing an amazing variety of products, is waay more expensive than even the upscale supermarkets. Sigh. The one thing I miss about Olympia is the access to food. I knew that I'd miss the Olympia Food Coop, but didn't realise I'd miss the farmers market, where it was possible to get cases of organic fruit "seconds" for canning, not to mention affordable organic produce. Heck, I can't even find organic u-pick fruit around here, though without a running car that isn't much of an option anyway... I guess I just need to get better at growing my own.
Last week I went to visit my marvelously creative friend Rois. (Her home is an inspiration to me, for the "style" I'm trying to achieve for my own home, the colours in each room, the mixture of contemporary and vintage furniture and artifacts, and the way they incorporate family artwork into the melange of their decor) We went off to see what the "bins" (Goodwill by-the-pound outlet store, for those of you not in Portland) had to offer. I came home with a big ring of skeleton keys, two board books for my young friend Heather's baby girl, and an almost new pair of black Birkinstock clogs. No picture frames though... I've been gradually collecting black picture frames, and moving my wall art into frames. We talked about having another winter holiday gift sale this year, (with better publicity).
On the way to the library, I saw a front yard all in iris, with a few other large flowers scattered throughout. I was amused; as iris blossom time is past, it gave the effect of an exceedingly large flowering meadow, with iris leaves as giant grass. I'm always looking around for non-lawn front yards, life is too short to spend it mowing the lawn, and one of my stated goals is to convert the Acorn Cottage "acreage", bit by bit, to food and flowers and fruit.
Is anyone else out there startled to see at the top of the weekend forecast on, a link to "Tournament Forecasts"? The images that came to my mind had nothing to do with what that actually signifies....

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