Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Heading into July... currant events

This weekend, Introduction to Cloisonne was the first creative workshop at Acorn Cottage; I hope using the workroom as a teaching space will become an ongoing activity... The weekend went by very quickly, and Khalja was a delight to work with, her lampworking knowledge had some overlap with the skill set needed for enameling. For a picture of her first cloisonne piece, and her review of the class, you can look on her LJ page The only real difficulty for me was that on Saturday, the high temperature was 101, not the best weather for working in front of a 1500F oven. I tried to make sure that we took plenty of "stretch and sip" breaks, and had a pitcher of iced lemon water in the kitchen, and the heat was not unbearable. Look for more workshops in the future...

Overall, I've been dealing with the weather by trying to sleep through the worst of the midday heat; of course, this is only possible on the days I'm not working. I think that "siesta" time is quite sensible. Acorn Cottage has neither air conditioning or massive amounts of insulation; I have put up the canvas canopy over the big front window, and have deployed the mylar bubblepack, which helps moderate the worst of the heat, keeping the interior about 10 - 15 degrees cooler than outside. In the next year or so, I'll need to replace the canvas canopy, formerly my SCA merchanting dayshade, it is looking quite shabby and mildewed, but does still serve to keep the sun away. I'd like to have an actual roof over the little front deck someday.

Sad I will be not to see my faraway friends...I'm going to be staying at home for the rest of the summer, pretty much ... having decided that AnTir/West, and Country Fair, both require more physical resources than I currently have. Acorn Cottage is showing signs of deferred maintenance, both indoors and outside, that my being ill since mid April has caused. While I am finally healthy (cross fingers, knock wood) I feel that putting energy towards strengthening both myself and my home, not to mention my businesses, is what is needed now.

The currant bushes that I planted a couple of years ago have their first respectable little crop of red and white (berries?) (fruits?) I'm thinking about finding a recipie for currant jelly, it looks like there is probably enough for one little jar full...

Red Currants
& White Currants

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