Saturday, June 14, 2008

shameless materialism

Thursday my dear friend Vikki gave me a teapot that she found at an estate sale... It definitely passes the William Morris test, as I know it is useful, and it is the most beautiful teapot I have ever seen. The shape is wonderfully sculptural, and indeed short and stout like the childrens rhyme. When I turned it over, barely visible through the glaze on the underside, if viewed at an angle I could see the makers mark, HEATH. A bit of research turned up Heath Ceramics and I was quite pleased to discover the provenance of this lovely object.

One of the things I accomplished today was a better support structure for my baby espalier apple. With some molding from the ReBuilding center, two tall metal garden stakes, and strips cut from an discarded bicycle inner tube, the tree is looking much tidier. There is one tiny apple, on the Golden Delicious branch, if it actually becomes ripe, I shall make the most twee little pie this autumn.

De-cluttering the house is going slowly. I did manage to clear off the dining table. Well almost, 'cos I then immediately started sorting the first of waay too many boxes of random papers, at least half of which went immediately to the recycle bin. I will clear the table tonight before bedtime.

Hens are back to laying again, hooray. Two of my garden beds are full of luxuriant weeds, which I shall be removing as I can, but I've discovered many tomato volunteers, probably thanks to the hens-in-the-garden escapade of last summer. Being sick for the last two months has rather crimped my garden prep for the summer, I anyone out there interested in exchanging garden help for enamel or sewing... ?

I think that being "materialistic" is actually not such a bad thing. If it is possible to cherish the beauty of the world, both the living world and the made world, without being attached to it. This includes, for me, doing all I can to care for, make thoughtful choices, and live lightly on the planet. When I was in school I really struggled to justify my desire to live as a person who makes things, often luxury things, in a world that is already stuffed to bursting with things. But a thingmaker is what and who I am, that is the flavor of being I was born as; even as a tiny child that was what I did...

"Let the beauty you love be what you do.
There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth."
~ Rumi

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