Sunday, June 8, 2008

random thoughts

The weather this morning was perfect, that is to say it was a perfect day to mow the lawn, which desperately needed it. Someday I shall figure out how to have a yard without lawnmowing, with the resources that are available to me. At least I have an electric lawnmower, which helps. Still seems thankless and useless, an odd kind of peer pressure, in order to not have a yard that upsets the neighbors. Up the street a bit, Molly and Carl have a front yard that is all flowers and sculptures, with a few tomato beds thrown into the mix. I should ask her how they did it. I'd love to have a front yard all fruit and flowers, and a backyard all veggies and fruit and poultry. Speaking of poultry, Henrietta has gotten over her fit of broodiness, and is romping around the yard again. I hope she starts laying eggs again soon, as I still owe 5 dozen for my Egils food, and I like to eat eggses my ownself.
I went out for a bit today, and while at Goodwill found a well-shaped small coffeetable with nice mid-century lines, solid wood (albeit a bit scratched up). Only $10, so it came home with me. Eventually I'd like to sand and stain it, but for now a quick cleanup makes it useable. Odd that I had just been thinking about such a sort of table, and there it was...
I realise that I have ridden my bicycle more in the last month that I've ridden in the last ten years. At least. And I've been enjoying it, which is more of a surprise. When I was young, I loved riding my bike, even as a young adult. But one day when I was very angry, and wasn't paying attention, I rode at full speed into the back of a parked car. Fortunately my glasses went flying before I flew over the handlebars and landed on the car face first, or I might have been blinded. I escaped with only minor injuries, but it was decades before I wanted to get on a bicycle again. When looking for a home here, one of my desires was to be close to necessary services. I have a recycling center, and a Post Office, and a New Seasons grocery store, and a FredMeyer all within a one mile flat radius of Acorn Cottage. Soon, probably within the year, there will be a local Library branch opening near the Post Office. Even if my car was running, it just makes more sense to bike it. And I'm grateful to dear Ariadne, who gave me her old folding wire pannier baskets.
Still have no voice. I hope it comes back before the two teaching jobs this month. I'm starting to get together the supplies for the class in Seattle at Danaca, since students are signed up. And I'm re-arranging my workroom to make a place for students, since there was interest in my enameling workshop the last weekend of June. I've also been thinking about possible barter (for-enameling-class) needs. I could use several cubic yards of garden compost and/or leafmold. I could use some woodworking. I could use the backyard deck taken apart and removed. Or...

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