Saturday, June 7, 2008

not a Luddite

I did it - set up the modem access and everything - and now can wander happily in the land of electrons whenever I so desire! (no bus trip to the library required) Yup... DSL has come to Acorn Cottage. Now to be careful that computer does not eat my brain...memo to self: this is a treat and a Useful Tool...
Yesterday my voice was going away, and by the end of the day completely gone, can not even whisper. Apparently trying to clear ones throat makes laryngitis worse. Must then simply do my best to ignore the awful tickling feeling in the back of my throat, and be patient. I hope the voice comes back before my teaching in Seattle! and the workshop here the last weekend in June...
I found the coolest thing under part of the rosemary bush. An odd bone fragment that must be a bluejay skull. As there were clumps of blue wing feathers. It has been under there for some time, as it is empty and almost totally clean.

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