Thursday, June 5, 2008

No more boring organ recitals…have some random movie goodness, and more~

I found The Cave of the Yellow Dog on the library DVD shelf. What a gem. Although I've missed seeing the other film by this director (The Story of the Weeping Camel), after watching this film I shall certainly track down that one as well. Daily life of a contemporary Mongolian nomad family, a sweet story, and beautiful scenery, not to mention the disassembling-the-yurt sequence. This film is now added to my (very small) list of films I want to own.

Yesterday I was silly on the bus home. There was a young family across the aisle, all terribly cute in that urban hipster mode. Pictogram Mom, in a sundress that really showed off her body art, had a little baby in a front wrap, septum-pierced Dad was keeping the folded stroller from escaping into the aisle, and there were two little curlyhaired boys, in jeans with bright shirts and felted vests. The older boy, who looked about five, had a black flat cap. When I looked over at him and smiled, he took his hat off, and put it back on upside down. I couldn't resist… I reached into my canvas bag, and pulled out my black Goretex rainhat, turned it round in my hands, then flattened it and put it on my head upside down. His grin got wider, and we spent the next thirty blocks taking turns putting our hats on sideways, or hanging off an ear, or covering our faces…all silently. I have no idea what the other people on the crowded bus thought; when leaving the bus, the boy quietly told me "it was fun playing with you"

The forecast is for more rain. Ran about this morning kludging together my downspout parts to direct the raingutter water into two additional waterbarrels. I've already managed to fill up three barrels. While I haven't had time to actually set up a "proper" rainwater system, I'd be foolish not to try and catch some of this somehow. If this odd June weather eventually turns into a more usual (no rain) summer, I'll have gallons of water for the garden.

Very soon I won't need to go to the Library to go online. If all goes well, after tomorrow evening. I need a DSL filter for my kitchen phone, which is attached to the wall. The filters they provided don’t work on that kind of phone. I did spend a hour yesterday talking to a young man named "Pain" in the Qwest service center, who managed to find out that yes, they did have such filters; yes, the phone filters are included as part of the set-up, and no, they cannot send me any until my account becomes activated. I had hoped to have all the needed bits and bobs on hand before setting it all up tomorrow, but will, instead, have to disconnect my kitchen phone. O well.

I'm thinking about looking into Flylady once I am on-line at home. Various friends have been quite successful with that system for decluttering and smoothing out the homekeeping, and I could use a different approach than my current one…

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