Tuesday, June 3, 2008

a grumble

I have managed to drag self to library to do internet, but have also managed to sign up for DSL WHoo Hoo! Activation is on Friday evening, so once I get setup accomplished, and virus software onto my computer, I will be good to go. This should be the last week I will have to waste hours to get to the internet. (yeah right, can use that time to wander around the internet instead, from the comfort of my own living room!)

I am still sick.
At least I am not wheezing much any more, but seem to have exchanged wheezing for lowgrade fever, for the last three days still horrible coughing, and a fever that hovers around 100. Not enough to feel truly awful, but enough to feel truly disassociated from ordinary life. I am managing to get self and critters cared for, but keep having to stop and sleep. I keep taking vitamins, herb tea and kombucha, and the organic chicken soup-in-a-box from Costco is my new best friend. Bah! My home and garden are in desperate need of attention, not to mention my commissioned work. I sure hope that I am better before the classes I need to teach later this month.
When I talked to my sister, she suggested that I needed to have my own virus recognition software updated, not just my elderly computer...

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