Wednesday, June 11, 2008

every day in every way

I am getting better. Voice is returning, slowly. (Still sound like I've been abusing whiskey and cigarettes since I was a toddler) Beginning to feel energetic again, and hope to spend the coming weekend evenly divided between garden, workshop stuff, and de-cluttering. All three have been woefully neglected for the last two months. Am managing to end each day with a shiny sink, though I do refuse to wear lace-up shoes - I don't own any. My substitute is to make sure I have earrings on, that makes me feel dressed and ready to face the day. It is silly, I guess, that I am an artist that usually forgets to wear any of my own artistry. Other than that, I am just at the beginning of the de-clutter aspect, amazing how much clutter one creative packrat can accumulate in a year and a half...

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