Thursday, May 29, 2008

weezy and grumpy (not two of the dwarfs)

I think I'm either sick (again/still?) or having a weird allergy symptom.
I've never really felt well since the sore throat last month, but have treated the lingering cough and occasionally congestion as seasonal allergy, since this seems to be the year for it. Felt pretty well at Egils, slept splendidly and deeply, albeit with very weird dreams.

But when I came home to Acorn Cottage, I had a massive sneezing attack, that went on long enough that my chest muscles were sore. And decided that taking Benedryl was better than remaining an itchy pile of goo. Sleepy or itchy (more of the not-dwarfs). didn't think much of it, went to sleep, and the next day felt better, except now I have Something Wrong. I wheeze whenever I take a deep breath, and I know that isn't good

I've been wheezing for the last two days. Not coughing, I don't feel sick, but I remember when I had pneumonia in my thirties, I walked around and continued working for several weeks before a friend noticed that I was actually ill. And after the last useless and expensive doctor visit, I am loath to try again...

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