Tuesday, May 6, 2008

ongoing slog

Am still feeling under the weather, which makes everyday life and home improvement move at a snails pace...
still needing much more sleep than usual for me, and still have a sore throat/nose thing not right, (bleah!). Slowly getting Acorn Cottage put back together and very slowly tidied. Bit by bit getting baby garden plants in the ground. My Norse jewelry has decided to hide somewhere in the house, I hope I find it before Egils, and I hope I can find, or get a copy of the vet paperwork for Smokey's rabies vaccination. Have figured out what size and sone level of vent fan needed, now must begin the hunt for, de-installation and re-installation for the bathroom

I keep reminding myself that while I can't do everything, I have accomplished a lot, and am continuing to do so, with little more than determination and a modest amount of knowledge, and helpful friends

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