Wednesday, May 21, 2008

odd duck me

I am so happy that the weather changed. Unlike many, I love it when the sky is grey and it is damp and cool; I have been this way my whole life. (I remember not liking to go out in the bright summer sun when I was young, probably 'cos no one gets perscription sunglasses for children.)

Happy - happy. I talked with my artist friend who is going to make the sink , and he likes my design, and is still interested in working with me on this project. Also suggested some possible ways to un-chrome the faucet... which would make it be better friends with the eventual copper sink with forged iron brackets. I really like the shape and design of the salvaged faucet that I found, but the shiney chrome, not so much...would like nice black-bronze maybe...

The back yard is mowed. With the heat, it had gotten over a foot high, I hate mowing anyhow, someday will all be garden beds and nice woodchip pathways. Someday.

During the brief rain yesterday, I managed to disconnect one of my downspouts and direct the water into the new 55 gallon barrel that was a kindly gift last week. So I now have somewhat more than 100 gallons, evven if i haven't yet set up any proper plumbing for them, i can still use the trusty shake-siphon to access the water.

Well, off to pack for Egils. Finally was able to get Smokey-rabies-paperwork faxed down here from Olympia...

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