Friday, May 2, 2008

everything put together sooner or later falls apart

I am getting better, slowly. Yay! can get through the night without major coughing attacks...

Yesterday saw the acquisition of four more 55 gallon plastic barrels, to become part of the water-harvesting scene. Once I get them scrubbed, and can find the time for dealing with the plumbing of said raincatching devices. I took pictures of a clever rainbarrel setup I saw in Sellwood, that shouldn't bee too difficult to create. Need to get some concrete blocks to raise the level of the barrels. Yeah yeah, just one thing after another...

Speaking of which, the dang bathroom fan just quit working. And those of you who have been to Acorn Cottage know that the bathroom has no window, so the fan is IT for ventilation. (at least for now, Someday I shall rip out the plastic shower surround, and put back in a window where the window was originally, and put real tile on the wall...) but now I need to read up my fixit book about testing the wall switch, and the fan, and probably will end up needing to replace the dratted thing. Slow and careful, as always,

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