Friday, May 16, 2008

culinary herb garden & etc

Hopefully , this will become the kitchen herb garden, just a few steps beyond the front walkway. For the last few days I've been gradually turning the broken brick bits into the edge of a new planter in my front yard. Though there are not enough bricks to complete the circle, I've had a few folk say that they have some extra old bricks in their yards, so I can finish the design. I had initially thought about one of the "permaculture herb spirals", but already had the star magnolia in the center, and don't want to transplant it. For now the circular planter will get lots of sun, and in future years, when the tree gets big enough to shade the planter, I can create another herb garden, and use this planter for happy shade things, like lettuces...

For the last several months I've been trying to get brave enough to talk to my neighbor about the overhanging young-but-sickly birch tree in his yard. It was not giving him any shade, but if it grew up, it would totally shade my garden. Yesterday when I went out to feed the hens, the birch tree was gone. I am going next door, the next time neighbor and girlfriend are home, with a gift of eggses and some homemade jam in thanks.... Now hopefully he won't plant something like a dawn redwood instead!

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