Monday, April 21, 2008

which side are I on ?...

On the positive side: My taxes are done for the year, had enough money saved to pay them, and have an idea of how to make doing next years taxes not such a horrible long-drawn-out process; both baby apple trees are putting out leaves, and flowers!; have started moving forward on four projects put on hold for tax hooha, including the big dragonclaw coronet project. I've also a few ideas of how to do some minor rearranging of furniture at Acorn Cottage to make the spaces work better, and some longer term ideas for future improvements, like a bench for removing shoes near the front door. did some measuring, and only 4 1/2 sheets of masonite are needed to replace the carpeting in my bedroom

On the negative side: I have the worst sore throat I've had in years. Not a cold, and according to the two minute doctor at urgent care,"it doesn't look like strep". Which is good, since having someone medical look at my throat is alarmingly expensive, given that they didn't do a throat culture. I want affordable health care. Really. and I want my throat to stop hurting. And I'm glad I went and looked up the medicine that the doctor perscribed before I filled it, since I actually have a condition that is listed under "do not take this medicine". Sigh. At least the meds were only to make me feel more comfortable whilst whatever virus is living above my soft palate completes its life cycle, and not something that would actually speed the recovery.

Anyhow I'm off home to go back to sleep

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