Wednesday, February 20, 2008

updated snippets

On Saturday, the folks from Growing Gardens called; they wanted to know if I was interested in a free baby dwarf apple tree. As I am hoping to put a number of dwarf fruit trees into the backyard here at Acorn Cottage, my answer was a delighted YES! I'm not sure what variety the trees are, but the little trees are labeled, so more information will be available when they actually come to plant, probably sometime next week. Stay tuned…
At the CraftTeaParty on Sunday, I finished the mobile I've been working on for the swap, and mailed it off to its new home.

My new project had better consist of garden fencing improvement, since Somebody has been jumping the fence and eating my kale plants! (and I had been hoping for homemade colcannon, with some of the wintered-over little kale, and the potatoes I grew last year) Somebody is going to get her little yellow chicken wings clipped.

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