Friday, February 1, 2008

trying to keep calm... and an invite for later in the month

On the way home from my housecleaning job today, my car stopped having a first gear. As in when starting up the shift lever no longer shifts into first gear. But since it still willingly shifts into second gear, and third and fourth, I was able to drive. The car didn't do anything that I noticed other than stop having a first gear access. UGH! I hate when my car breaks.
While I do have many skills for repairing my world, automobile fixing is a deep dark mystery. I am reasonable sure that it is not the transmission itself, for that would mean that none of the gears would be working, and I'm reasonable sure that it isn't the clutch, or I wouldn't be able to shift into any of the other gears, but really these are just words to me and I have no useful understanding or visualisation of the "guts" of Nimblefoot. Just a guess that somewhere inside the black box that is my car, between the mystery that is the shift lever and the mystery that is the transmission something has gone awry. I imagine that it has something to do with the mysterious shift linkage.

A bit of on-line googling also turns up the possibility of some kind of shift cable bushing that is prone to disintegrating, prompting clever folk who know how to take apart the car enough to access that area to McGuyver all kinds of clever fixes, since there are no replacement bearings sold, but only the very expensive entire shift cable assembly..
But I don't know what is wrong, and I don't have any idea how to fix it. All I know is that it will cost more than I can afford. Just when I was feeling like I was getting a bit ahead. And planning on getting internet access at my home. And planning on driving up to Olympia next weekend to attend the wedding of my very dear young friend Heather.

I'd be tearing out my hair, if I had enough to bear offering it up in frustration....


On a cheerier note, this is your early warning for the February Craft-Tea-Party..
Sunday February 17th afternoon tea - all friends of Acorn Cottage welcomed.

Expanding on the suggestion of Rafny that we make tea cozies, the activity will be fun with felt..
Make something from a felted sweater, or try out needlefelting
(of course, your own projects of choice are always welcome too)

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