Wednesday, February 27, 2008

sprung, sproing, spring

Today is the second day in a week that it has been warm enough to hang the laundry to dry on the clothesline. And in the front yard I have violets blooming, and the little snowdrops and tiny blue iris. No sign of the grape hyacinths yet, but the hellebore that my friend Sharon gave me has a lovely rosy pink blossom, and what look like more buds. pretty amazing for a plant that went through last year with basically only one leaf.
Had a great visit this morning with Vikki, yummy sushi goodness for lunch, and a very inspiring trip to the Craft Museum. The current exhibit there (Touching Warms the Art) has some amazing jewelry made from non-traditional materials, and is intended for the visitors to be able to actually handle and try on the art jewelry. Really got the creative juices flowing, there were some amazing felted pieces, and things made from rubber and plastic fruit, and wood and wire, and old x-ray film, just lots of fun things from all over the world. Go have a look if you are in Portland, admission to the museum is free!
I'm getting eager to start working on the garden, even though the studio has current necessary priority. I managed to acquire some discarded fence boards, which should be useful for another raised bed in the yard. Given the length of the boards it will be smaller than the other beds, but I'm thinking about using the curved concrete scallopy bits that former owners left behind to add half-round beds on either end, kind of a long oval bed rather than rectangular... And then there are the big window screens from the Rebuilding Center that I am hoping will work as hen-barriers. Yup, the warm weather really gives me a touch of spring fever.
Months ago, I submitted my "tiny recycling center" to ikeahacker, since it met their guidelines, and today they published my "hack" online.
Yesterday I bought a two zone bus pass for March, and did more traveling on the Max, even figured out how to get down to the MetroPaint place in the industrial zone, and picked up a gallon of recycled light blue paint. At their store, they have a chart/book of many colors that are possible by mixing the fixed colors that they carry. I discovered that I can change the "baby blue" light blue to something more like a "bird-egg" blue by mixing it with light brown, which I hadn't thought to do. This year, the rooms in Acorn Cottage will be painted, at least some of them, and not white.

Yesterday I think I only walked about three miles, will look for the old pedometer, just for curiosity sake. The hot tub after potluck was soooo welcome. I 'm signing off to go walk to the Post Office now, while they are still open.

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