Monday, February 25, 2008

Previewing the post-petrol possibilities

Some of you may know that for the last several weeks Nimblefoot (my faithful little station wagon), has a transmission that no longer includes first gear. Well, Saturday my transport situation devolved further. The car started losing power, sounding ill, and there was this not-good "shaking" going on in the engine compartment. Then the "check engine" light came on as I was limping the car home. Managed to get home without incident, but whatever is wrong did not go away and be better in the morning. My car is kerflooey for the indefinite future
Sooo...Yesterday, spent most of the morning being productive around Acorn Cottage: got a bit further on the studio/workroom, put up shelves in my closet to hold guest linens, re-potted my spider plant babies, and put mulch and a "half-brick" border around the new persimmon tree in my parking strip. Jen (& Bill and Cathy) from up in Olympia were down here in Portland for a school field trip, and called to ask if I wanted to join them for sushi at SushiTakahashi downtown. Oh yeah! Now I live about a mile from the Max line, so there was definitely some walking, since I missed the bus and the Sunday schedule is not as frequent. Met up with my friends at the Craft Museum, and then on to sushi. By the time we had all eaten our fill, it was no longer daylight, and I decided that the best (safest) option was to walk up towards Powells and across to get the Max, rather than down through Old Town. So, all in all about three miles of walking yesterday.
Today I've already walked two miles, since I wanted to check my mailbox at the Post Office and see if anyone has sent me a mobile for the swap, or anything else. The mailbox is least I know that the mobile I sent out last week arrived. Later this afternoon, I'm going to walk to the grocery, which will add another two miles. If my knees hold up, I should be getting into really good shape this Spring...
I called around, and it looks like it will be possible for me to rent a car for the two teaching gigs I have in March. Since I have a lot of stuff to transport, taking the train is unfortunately not realistic, though it would be much more pleasant than driving, and cheaper.
My legs are really wishing that my massage therapist hadn't moved to New Hampshire...

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