Friday, January 25, 2008

one egg - well chilled

I went out this morning to feed the hens, and swap the frozen waterer for the thawed one from in the house. During this current cold snap, the hen water freezes overnight. Indeed, my water barrels have frozen overflow hoses, and when driving home from Hillsboro yesterday the icicles on the hillsides along near Linnton were spectacular...some were at least 5 or six feet long and sharp! all sparkley! But I digress...

Looking in the nest box, I found the first egg of the season. Yay HennyPenny! She has been looking quite perky, with really yellow feet and a really red comb, but I wasn't expecting any eggs till maybe next month. Henrietta molted several months ago, and has most of her feathers back, but it is obvious where some are still growng in, and she still has a pale comb and pale yellow feet, so it will be a while before they are both laying. I wonder if this year they will get back to the two eggs a day I was getting last year. (Chicken literature says that as they age, they lay bigger eggs, but not as frequently)

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